Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Carrots are like Risk-Free Gambling

Every one has a unique savour that caters to different palate. Some taste like bitter cleaning agents while some taske like fertilizd soil. Every now and again there is one that seems to have been seasoned with cumin, and there are those occasionally delicious and sweet little carrots that prove to be such a delight, it is enough to keep us coming back for more. The areas of the tongue have a hay day with these veggies. The back, with a soft spot for the abrupt and bitter, tells you that the first 5 carrots weren't worth it, and you could better occupy your time with peas. The side that senses the sour tastes get a little bored with these carrots and tell you, over the course of the next four orangish stalks, that you should try a bit of Lemon Grass Chicken instead, with just a splash of sage. But on the ninth carrot, the tip of the tongue prone to sweetness surprises the rest. That carrot was delicious. Its crunch? Superb. A little piece of vegetary perfection. It's enough to finish the whole bag, hoping for another.

Perhaps speaking in evolutionary terms, we can hope that all carrots will one day replicate and the whole carrot-eating experience will be more enjoyable for everyone involved.