Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Einstien's Theory of Relativity -December Poetry Project-Day 6

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

There once was a bedroom at the top of the stairs,
Where a boy and a girl said their lullaby prayers.

Their heads on the pillows, they closed their eyes
And dreamed about spaceships and pretended to fly

Until just after midnight when they heard a loud crash.
They ran to the window and saw a green flash.

As the smoke settled down, they saw what had hit:
Moonrocks and stardust and a tiny spaceship!

The stairs lowered down and the green light turned blue,
The girl grabbed her hat and laced up her shoes.

She climbed down the roof, with the sheet from her bed.
The boy stared out the window with his hand on his head.

“Don’t go!  Oh please!  You don’t know where to!
That spaceship will take you to the dark side of the moon!”

“Or further!” She said, “ Up past Pluto or Mars!
There won’t be the people, their money, or cars!

“There’s got to be more to this whole galaxy
And I think this green spaceship just might be the key.

“I want to get out, to see what else is here.”
She shut the door and set out for the last frontier.

She was gone for an hour, a day, and a year
Whizzing past milky ways until the sky became clear.

There were whirlybabs and blinkets, asteroids and stars,
Flashes of gorda rays, flomdukes, and maytars!

The dust blew through the space and the stars came with joy
Until that fourth year when the girl missed the boy.

She cried just a little and the days just got worse
Until she turned the ship around and headed towards earth.

She travelled a year, a day, and an hour,
And landed in the yard, with a crash, in the flowers.

She turned off the green light and ran into the house
And crept up the stairs, quiet as a mouse.

She swung open the door with her arms open wide.
“Dear brother!  I’m home!  And I’ve missed you!” she cried.

But there wasn’t an answer and nothing looked the same.
The room was empty and white, with no spaceships or planes.

Where had she come?  And where was her brother?
But time had changed for the little girl and another.

Since she boarded the ship, four years had passed
But on earth, three decades had slipped through the hourglass.

The boy had grown up, had a house and a car,
And forgot about the girl who’d gone to live with the stars.

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