Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are things I hate and things I love.

i hate that language will never let me say what i want to and i sometimes feel pressured by the need to capitalize words and semi-colon sentances and use nouns as only nouns when "semi-colon" is a perfectly functional verb

And I hate money and the passing of standardized units of exchange because it isn't just dollars.  It doesn't stop at the Presidents in our pockets but it is an exchange of ideas (of poetry) and methods (of invention) and people (of slavery) that are traded.  And there is something so revelatory about this image:

A piece of symbolic paper stamped with "In God We Trust" that sticks out, folded, from the pocket of a stripper.

But the reason I hate is probably related to Hegel's Synthesis proposition.

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Truth + Untruth = Truth Absolutely
Right + Wrong = Reality
Love + Hate = Self

So I can hate so strongly only because I have been thesis-ized by love.

This really smart lady aka someone on T.V. aka someone with a Ph.D. and grey hair said some stuff.
She said that love manifests it self like an addiction and triggers a dopamine response in the center of the brain.  This tiny red dot in the center of our minds becomes active and controls our every thought-breath and emotion.  From rapture to withdrawal we experience the same effects as a cocaine-induced high.  When the trigger is removed, our addiction becomes stronger.

So alcohol becomes the makeshift dopamine trigger.  That's rationalized, right?

That's really all I was going for here.

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